As I Saw It...Notes From the Commissioner

2000 Annual Newsletter 

      As I Saw It....

         Notes from the commissioner....

          “I Smell A Victory”

       Thirty-four teams.  A repeat champion.  A female contestant in the money.  The biggest purse ever.  It all adds up to a historic day at the 9th Annual Steel Tip.  What a day!  82 degrees, mostly sunny skies and a slight breeze greeted sixty-eight players on four courts this year.  The extra court helped significantly this year as the tournament gets bigger and better.  Exactly 100 matches were played this year!

       Sixteen first round matches didn’t match any heavyweight teams, though some heavyweights fell early.  Travis Karn and Jim Heath lost to Brent Black and Shane Davis.  Matt Cool and Ryan Hulme lost to Ralph Bolton and Mike Beasley.  Ryan Stamen and Kevin Johns lost to Amber Hulme and Brian Cairns.  But Scott Farren and Ryan Hoefling won - beating Brad Lavey and Danielle Hoefling 21 - 7.  Sorry honey!  Farren and Hoef had a fairly easy route to the final, 21-7, 21-3, 21-14, 21-13, and 21-18.  Amber Hulme and Brian Cairns would meet them there after 21-10, 21-17, 21-19, and 21-20 victories.  After being down 20-4, Scott and Ryan came back to win 21-19 to get to the championship match. 

       Matt Cool and Ryan Hulme won seven straight in the double bracket to get to the double final.  Shaun Karn and Jason Tuttle would meet them and prevail 21-19 to send them to the triple bracket.  After a long journey Trav and Jimmy finally fell to Ryan and Matt.  Brian and Amber knocked Shaun and Jason to the triple bracket where a rematch with Matt and Ryan sent them packing. 

       Matt and Ryan beat Ryan and Amber twice, 21-14 and 21-20 to get to the final.  Scott and Ryan were there waiting.  After losing the first game 21-14, Scott and Ryan won 21-19 to win the 9th Annual Steel Tip. 

       Earlier that day about 11:00 a.m. I was prepping the courts for the tournament and Scott walked up to chat.  We both looked up at the blue sky and took a deep breath of the fresh air.  “It’s gonna be a great day” I said.  Scott said, “ I think I smell a victory.”  ‘Yeah right’, I thought, he can’t be serious.  Apparently, he was!



      Some Miscellaneous Ramblings...

       Any surprises this year?  The girls, on a whole, were easily the most improved.  I had a notion earlier in the week that a female would have an impact on this tournament.  Amber Hulme almost came through for me, but third place is the best any girl has ever done.  Buff Littleton had a great Steel Tip.  Mary Parker didn’t hurt her team either.  Sarah Dean and Kyle Bachman got to the winners semi.  As for the guys, Rob Foster threw some good jarts.  Jason Tuttle had a good day for his first time out.  Brett Davis had a nice run.  Disappointments?  When Travis Karn and Jim Heath drew together, I thought Dream Team.  After losing their first game, they made a nice run but came up short.  I thought Chad Davis and Bo Roberts had a good chance.  See you next year! 

      I would like to thank the Falers and Fantastic Sam’s for being the first sponsor’s we’ve ever had at the Steel Tip.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated and hopefully we can count you in next year.  Also I would like to thank Brett and Julie for their hospitality.  Each year we invade their back yard and drink some beer and throw some jarts and leave a lot of trash and some bare spots in the yard—and not think anything of it.  When you see them out somewhere, give them a thank you.  Finally, thanks to all of the participants this year.  We get bigger every year.  As you know, if you know anyone that is interested in coming bring them along!  A friend of yours is a friend of ours!  Remember Saturday July 7, 2001 is next year’s date.  I’ll talk to you soon and remember—No Practicing!!!!!

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